League Rule Updates


  • There will be no taping for jewelry allowed, except for a wedding ring and medical bracelet(s). All piercings to be removed prior to taking to the court.
  • Gloves are to be worn for medical conditions only. The gloves must be approved by the umpire prior to play and nails should be short underneath the gloves in line with those playing without gloves.

Substitute players

  • During round-robins, each player is only permitted to sub for one other team/game per night in addition to their own teams game.
  • Each team is allowed a maximum of two substitutions per game in the event a registered team member is not available.  If all team members are available and able, they must take the court. 
  • In the event a team member arrives during the game, then they must check with the umpire and then take the spot of the substituted player at the next interval or break in play.
  • Any team that has more than two substitute players per game on a team will forfeit. 
  • No substitutions permitted during playoff games.
  • A registered player assigned to a team can sub in four games between September and December and four games between January and March. No more than 8 games total for the season. Senior B may sub for Senior A but not Senior A for Senior B.
  • A casual player must be registered in SI Play and acknowledged by their league coordinator before subbing in the league. These players are able to sub in up to three games for each of the same periods mentioned above, for a drop in fee of $10 per game. If they would like to play in more games than that, they must pay a pro-rated registration fee for the remainder of the year.

Male Players

  • A maximum of 2 men to be allowed to play on the court for one team, (if a man cannot play, another man can sub provided there is still only a maximum of 2 men playing for that team). 
  • When there are 2 men playing on the same team, they cannot both play in the same circle.


  • Failure to provide score-keepers when required will result in your team having 5 points deducted per occurrence


  • Ensure all players take to the court with correct team uniform.

  • This includes plain white t-shirt and plain black bottoms (with no prominent designs.words, stripes, patterns, colours, etc. and attire must be appropriate sportswear)‚Äč; or complete uniform as applicable for team.

  • Two goals will be forfeited for each player on your team that is not complying to the uniform rule.

Substitute player uniforms:

Exceptions to the forfeiting of points due to incorrect uniform will be made for substitute players, although it is preferable for substitute players to wear white t-shirts and black skirt/shorts when playing for another team (rather than their own team uniform/colours). Any player that has been pre-arranged to substitute for another team in advance is expected to wear white t-shirt and black skirt/shorts. It is also recommended that players carry a white t-shirt and black skirts/shorts in their gear bags in case you are asked to sub for another team unexpectedly.

Start of Play

  • If there is not a minimum of 5 team members ready to commence within 2 minutes of start of play, the opposing team will be awarded the gameMercy Rule
  • When a game reaches the 3rd quarter and the score difference is 25 or more, the mercy rule is invoked. The score is final at that point and the teams must mix and finish the game.

Any questions regarding these rules can be directed to contact@netballalberta.com


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